Everest Outdoor Alpaca Sport Socks

Everest: Outdoor Alpaca Sport Socks are made with 80% baby alpaca yarn. These unisex socks are proudly made in the U.S. Named after Mt. Everest, these are the best alpaca socks. A massive amount of baby alpaca makes Everest socks exceptional on many levels. Extra cushion for absolute warmth and protection for any extreme sport (including power lounging). Reinforced terry in the footbed provides cloudlike softness. But don't take our word for it, try a pair yourself!

Benefits of high content baby alpaca:

    Anti-microbial for less odor Lanolin free – don’t need frequent washing
    Water repellent – naturally wick moisture for dry feet
    Hypoallergenic – no itch, good for those with wool allergies
    Superior breathability – wearable in a variety of climates
    Super warm – hollow core insulates
    Flame resistant for extra protection
    Machine wash cold, air dry