Bird Nesting Ball

What is a bird nesting ball and what makes alpaca fiber so special as a nesting material?

Each four-inch ball is made from grapevines, and hand-filled with alpaca fiber. Hang the nesting ball from its jute rope in a tree which blends into the environment. Alpaca is a hollow fiber which wicks water and when wet, quickly dries to its natural fluffy state. The delicate fiber, unlike some nesting materials, is easily used by birds and does not attract predators to the nest. The chickadees and titmice in our area love it!

Did you know alpacas come in 22 natural colors? The fiber used in the bird nesting balls is typically from the "seconds" that are shorn from the alpacas each year. The seconds are normally too short or not the quality used in the production of yarn or fine garments. Fiber used for yarn or fine garments comes from the alpaca's blanket, the best part of the fiber, and is called "firsts". Any leg hair or damaged fiber is called "thirds."

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