Pacabella's felted soap is sure to be a best seller in your farm store or gift shop

April 09, 2021 2 min read

felted soaps

Pacabella felted soaps are the perfect, must-have, item to add to the inventory at your farm or specialty gift shop. We offer our felted soaps individually or in an attractive display box that holds sixteen soaps and will be a beautiful addition to your shop layout. (Login to your existing account or create a new wholesale account to view all of our exclusive offerings for our retail partners.)

Alpaca fibers have a soft, silky and luxurious feel when worn next to the skin. Born of these desirable properties came the fashion of creating gently exfoliating soaps with the same alpaca fibers used in creating the better-known apparel items.

Our felted soaps are soaps wrapped tightly in layers of alpaca fibers creating a soap and washcloth in one! As the soap begins to dissolve, the fibers continue to tighten and shrink around the bar. Additionally, alpaca fibers are naturally lacking in lanolin, making them hypoallergenic, and any moisture wicks away quickly so each bar dries easily after use.

While felted soap is not unique to Pacabella, what sets us apart is the age-old method we have perfected in carefully crafting each bar. In addition, our fibers are never dyed, because with 22 natural colors to choose from, who needs to use dyes? All materials in our products are completely pure, and we use only hand-picked, certified organic materials in making the soaps. Our felted soap comes in six natural fragrances, and each bar is triple milled to make the soap last longer than traditional soaps.

For an even more signature item offering, let us craft the soaps out of the alpaca fibers from your farm. This is an exciting way to link this natural, specialty soap to the alpacas your guests have met and interacted with on your farm. It also offers shoppers a way to share their experience with their friends and family after they leave.

Felted soaps are great for users of all ages and safe even for children or those with the most sensitive skin. The soaps are offered in singles or sets and make the perfect gift-shop offering, especially when displayed with our Beechwood soap trays. We feel confident that Pacabella’s felted soaps are sure to be one of your best sellers.

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If you have any additional questions about felted soaps or how to get started as a wholesale customer, please email us at or give us a call at 540-890-8364.

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