Our Story

Our company – Pacabella™ – all started 16 years ago (has it really been that long?). I was munching on a juicy strawberry during a strawberry festival, my daughter Isabella and husband John by my side when out of the corner of my eye, I met a couple of handsome fellas who would change my life forever!

Isabella and Luba


Fuzzy, five feet tall…one chocolate brown, one white as snow…sweet innocent eyes that beckoned me across the field to both of them. My heart lost to these two alpaca boys, my husband who is also an animal lover, decided to help me appreciate them rather than fight my new-found love. After lots of research, we owned six of them!

My dream was to make products with their fiber, so I took some wet-felting classes … an ancient art reviving in modern time. Wet-felting is applying hot soapy water to the alpaca fiber which makes it felt together. After discovering the functional art of felting soap, a business took shape!

Our business is named after our love for the alpacas and our daughter, Isabella – Pacabella. On our logo, the little “robin” on the alpaca’s back is me – Robin Watson. We can’t wrap up a cuddly five foot tall alpaca for your customers, but you can give them the next best thing…a wonderful, beneficial and all-natural product that just might give them the same feelings as falling in love…felted soap!

We hand felt each bar of soap with 100% alpaca fiber from our very own alpacas! The soap we chose for our product is triple-milled and made from certified organic materials, essential oils, an all-vegetable base and moisturizing elements.

Aloe Cucumber Soap

And the Story Continues….

Felted soaps are a natural exfoliating product so it made sense to create a luxurious lotion that would baby dry skin. We launched one lotion – Rosemary, Cedar & Thyme and it was a huge success. So we added three other scents, and at customer request, we added an unscented formula as well.

It seemed natural then for us to create a liquid hand & body wash to go along with the lotion for those that liked bathing with a shower gel and washing their hands with a liquid soap. Our Hand & Body Wash is available in the same scents as our Luxurious Lotions, including Unscented. All of our liquids are both paraben and gluten free.

From there the Pacabella Bath & Body Collection, as we now like to call it, has added Lip Balm, Herbal Bath Grains, Botanical Body Butter and Hand & Body Wash. What will we think of next? Stay tuned…


Product LineUp